With our Last three years experince


With our Last three years experince

Web Design

What makes an attractive website? Obviously the design has to pay a big role for that. Even though currently, there are many premade theme available in the online market place, the designs might not be up to the perfection for you. But, don’t worry, we are here to save the day. Our creative department beholds a great track record on designing and delivering the best featured designs for you. All you have to do is to tell us about your dream website and then relax. Our in house veteran designers will make your dreams come true. So, if you are in the quest for a perfect looking website for your business, you know next time who to call.


We have some of the best web developers currently at our disposal. We are proficient of creating magnificent & flawless website from scratch to a full furnished product. We are working for both national and international market for the last 4 years. Our variety of works stretching from large e-commerce sites from personal blogs. We build any Kind of website you can think of. For that we are also offering the most cost efficient pricing in our country. So if you are thinking a world class website design & classy website development, ErrorHouse.com is the Best option for you and your one stop solution.


When it comes to the e-commerce web development, we are the best of the very best. We have earned this right to boast with our last three years’ experience. We are the first and only company in our country to provide a complete e-commerce solution for all the entrepreneurs and SME industry of our country. Our pricing system is very clear and transparent.

  • The total cost of our basic e-commerce package is only BDT 40,000 taka.
  • Among this, 4000 is the cost of domain and hosting which is fixed.
  • So, you can get a complete e commerce package by investing only 36,000 takas for our business.
  • This 40,000 taka is onetime payment.
  • We also have an investment facility for you too.
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  • Add Member: Add New Member Information.
  • List of Members: Filtering by Member ID & Name.
  • Nominee: Nominee of Member Account.
  • Account
    • Savings Account
    • Fixed Deposit
    • Savings Account
    • Fixed Deposit
    • D.P.S
    • Monthly Profit Account
    • Loan
    • Signature Card: A List of Member Signature Card.
    • Expense
      • Expense category
      • Expense
    • Report
      • Member Report: A list of member details
      • Account report


          1. Access from anywhere
          2. Unlimited PC access
          3. Low cost & best support

          Development Tools:

          • Language: PHP
          • Database: MySQL
          • Framework: CI

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  • Feature of School/College Management Software

    Teacher & stuff: All teachers & stuff information can store here with their details information.

    Manage Class: Class can manage here & any kind of new class can add here.

    Manage Subject: Any kinds of subject can add or edit here.

    Manage Students: Student information & admission can manage here.

    Manage Exam: Any kind of exam name can add or edit here.

    Setup Grade: Grading system can implement here.

    Manage Marks: Input the marks & can process result here.

    Progress card: Student progress report can generate here.

    Result: You can check result of any student or any class here.

    Tabulation Sheet: Student tabulation sheet implemented here.

    Notice board: Any kind of notice can implement here.

    SMS Panel: You can send SMS notification from here.



    1. Access from anywhere
    2. Unlimited PC access
    3. Low cost & best support

    Development Tools:

    • Language: PHP
    • Database: MySQL
    • Framework: CI

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    Facebook Page Maintenance

    Having our own business facebook page has both its pros and cons. While it helps you to connect and affiliate with your customers directly, it is always a tricky thing for a farm to maintain the page and attract the customers to join the page and also make them engage positively in that page. At the beginning it might seems easy but, at some point of a growing business it needs expert’s assistance, and to help your booming business bloom more, our experts are ready 24/7. So, that you can be in total tranquility about your facebook page and concentrate fully on your business.

    Google Advertisement:

    Every second, there are 2.3 million searches performed on Google, and the majority of search results pages include Google ads. Paid for by businesses, Google ads can be an extremely effective way of driving relevant, qualified traffic to your website exactly when people are searching for the types of products or services your business offers. Because of the low cost yet extremely high exposure, it is very important now a day. We have the necessary operation team who can make magic for your farm through Google AdWords and make you build a diverse community for your business all over the world.

    Youtube Advertisement:

    TVC for the television are getting more and more expensive day by day. It costs a fortune for a growing business to advert in tv. But, that shouldn't stop advertising your TVC to your target market. YouTube advertisement has made it easier now a day to advert your TVC on YouTube. Here, at Errorhouse.com we make it sure that your advertisement gets the maximum reach to your customers with a much lesser cost.

    Email Marketing:

    Many people argue about the effectiveness of email marketing now days. While many of them argue that it is a backdated method already, others say, it is still more effective than many other methods. One thing we cannot deny about it that, it is still one of the most popular way of formal communication with your customers. Another problem about email marketing is that when you need to send some bulk emails to you target customers, it is always hard to get your hands on the database of your potential customers. To solve that problem ErrorHouse.com offers email marketing package to our valuable customers. Here we will help you to send your offers from hundreds to thousands of potential target customers with a simple click of the button.


    SAAS is becoming increasingly popular, and as the industry develops, more and more companies are dropping older business models in favor of this new technology. Some of the benefits of the SaaS model are that it is easier to administrate, all users will have the same version of the software because updates and patch management will be done automatically, and therefore collaboration will be easier. Also, it will grant global accessibility, making remote work models easier, which reduces costs and improves performance. And all these services can be done with a little cost on monthly or yearly basis. SAAS is not only easy to use but also hassle free, where we take care of the maintenance so that you ca get the best services from us.

    Cloud Telephoning

    errorhouse specializes in SMS (Text Messaging) ,MMS and VOIP based solutions. We have vast experience in developing high end complex Voice calling & 2-way SMS solutions. We have worked with multiple VoIP & SMS ,MMS gateways especially Twilio, Plivo, Nexmo, clickatell,BulkSMS and the list continue. We have worked with numerous large enterprises to deliver SMS (Text Messaging) solution. We have also worked on SMS integration in existing solutions as well. We are a multidisciplinary software firm. We are one of most diverse providers of professional software services. We offer Text Messaging, MMS, VOICE marketing solution which is backed by Twilio,Plivo, Nexmo. Some Key Features Inside our solution is:

    • Contact management.
    • Appointment reminder.
    • Soft phone Dialer.
    • Virtual Phone Number management.
    • Bulk SMS, MMS and Voice Broadcast.
    • Schedule SMS, MMS and Voice Broadcast for Future date-time.
    • Call Forward /Route.
    • 2 Way Messaging.
    • Unlimited Keyword Management with Auto responder setting.
    • OPT IN to Any contact group by Keyword SMS or call.
    • Marketing campaigns.
    • Receive replies from customer.
    • 360 Degree report.

    Skill Tags: Twilio, Twilio API, Nexmo, Nexmo API, Plivo, Plivo API, Clickatell, Clickatell API, php, node.js,mysql, mongodb, jquery, json, xml, voip, sms, mms, voice, marketing, ivr,call, telephony, sms gateway.